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May 1, 2007


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Finally resurfacing from hibernation for a couple of reasons, one of which is to note that in the relatively short time I’ve been blogging, the sheer number of blogs on WordPress has increased from about half a million to 938,000 at last check (moments ago) – if they are all updated as regularly as this one, that means there must be two or three new posts on the site every day…

Well, I’ve been busy doing, you know, other things…

In other news, celebration time as Liverpool edge out the despised Chelsea (AKA best team money can buy) to a seat in the Champions League final. Not having TSN I had to follow it on the Guardian, but it was almost as exciting. Now, if AC Milan can edge past Man United (unlikely I’d say), we’ll have a rematch of the legendary 05 final, hopefully with the same outcome, or at least as exciting a match…

I chuckled when I heard that Gordon Brown gave Tony Blair ‘ten out of ten’ for his performance as PM – his anniversary of his decade-long reign marked yesterday by seizing several more opportunities for self-congratulation – what utter political nonsense, I mean, who talks like that? Still, after Labour get crushed in the coming council elections, we’ll get a sense of the kind of score the British public give him. Between the changing of the guard in the UK and the upcoming French elections, Europol watching is more interesting than it’s been since the last German election was decided by the two main opposing parties creating a coalition…

A brief rant about the LCBO and Vintages in particular, who continue to insult my intelligence and knowledge of fair market rates. The latest offer is for a limited release of Brane Cantenac, an average-to-ok Margaux that they have the gall to price as if it was some kind of mindblowing sensory overload. Between that and their other recent Leoville Poyferre release, they must be making a killing passing off this stuff as rare – if we were in the States I could get it for about half-price. Oh wait, the exorbitant taxes on my wine consumption help to house the homeless you say, if only it were so…

Currently reading: Planet of Slums (Mike Davis)

Currently hearing: Fully Body Workout Volume 1 (Catwash)

Currently watching: Sopranos finale (HBO)


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