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March 12, 2007

The good, the bad, and the very good

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Headed out to Koolhaus last night to catch Damon Albern’s latest incarnation, The Good, The Bad and The Queen.  While the album seems a bit mopey and introspective, the live sound was massive and dynamic, and the show was dynamite.  The band performed a fairly short set – understandable since they only have one album – with Damon and bassist Paul Simonen (ex of the Clash) alternating bandleader position.  Afrofunk legend Tony Allen laid down a rock-solid groove, and the band was accompanied by a string quartet.  All in all, a worthwhile Sunday evening.

I find Albern’s new direction to be intriguing – there’s a delicacy and deliberate anti-pop sensibility which really forces you to listen.  As the composer of some of the most absurdly catchy music of the last two decades – Blur’s Girls and Boys, almost anything by the Gorillaz – it must have taken a lot of discipline to retain the skeletal, subdued tone of GBQ.  Either way, he once again takes off in a new direction, proving himself to be the most creative voice of the (woefully named) Britpop generation.

Currently reading: The Looming Tower – Lawrence Wright

Currently hearing: The Good, The Bad and The Queen

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