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January 31, 2007

Work it

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Out last night at Century Room for Industry night, we stumbled upon the after-party for Justin Timberlake, who played the ACC last night. Though the man himself did not appear to be in attendance, we were treated to a rare live PA set from Timbaland, his genius producer, who dropped a bunch of his hits and generally got the crowd whipped into a frenzy. It was pretty packed in there, and the energy was wild. A lot of fun. On a more laid back groove, I’ll be hitting the Dominion to see my good friend K Obsidian mix some classic jazz tonight, which better suits the tempo of a Wednesday evening.

Workwise, we are in the midst of a fairly significant overhaul of the ordering system, so that we can bring our data closer in line with the requirements of the national level carriers we now deal with. This requires a modification of our current package type selector to compel the user to enter the dimensions and weight of each individual package. It is resulting in a fair bit of extra coding, mostly to facilitate passing the variables through the system from one end to the next, and it’s fairly exacting work, as everything needs to be totally accurate. Anyway, between that and project managing our outsourced work, I’ve been keeping busy.

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