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January 12, 2007

This is not a rant

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I’ll tear my eyes away from the images of the iPhone long enough for one more post this week.  I am tempted to launch into another tirade against crappy third-party service providers whose systems don’t even do the basics (you know who you are), but that’s so 2006.  Around here, we are focused on solving problems, not kvetching about them…

At any rate, an interesting meeting recently with a very large shipping company who for some reason still don’t have accessible APIs for third party connectivity.  By the looks of things, they won’t be in place until a year from now, which is a pain because we really want to work with them, since they offer competitive rates and excellent coverage areas.  Being small, resourceful, and innovative, we took up the challenge and offered our services to try to find a wedge point in their system which would at least work as a stopgap.  We wait to see how interested they might be in such a proposition.  Yet another example of what James Gleick shrewdly described as the mammals running around at the feet of dinosaurs.  Still, it’s easy for a startup to shift gears, no so much for a many-thousand-person company with proprietary hardware and outdated systems.

The Shipping Pal holiday party, fittingly, takes place tonight, now that the stresses of the launch and the holiday season are passed.  We’ll be down at the super-hot Century Room tonight if anyone wants to take a look in.

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