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January 8, 2007

A match made in hell

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Well, a week into the new year and I am still dealing with a rather persistent cold I acquired back in Paris.  I really had not anticipated the state of Parisian heating – that is, 19th century.  Note to self, when renting apartments in future, always check to see if they remain above zero degrees after sundown.  The sacrifices one makes for a nice view…

A glance at the Guardian this morning reveals a strategic partnership between Ford and Microsoft to put mobile computers in cars.  Insert your own joke here, though I am reminded of the computer engineer’s suggestion for how to fix a car.  It really does seem like a match made in hell – Ford’s diminishing reputation combined with Microsoft’s desperate efforts to become something more than a bloated-OS and Office manufacturer screams caveat emptor.  Oh well, perhaps it’s just the bias of a Mac user, but frankly no good can come of this.  I read somewhere that the majority of avoidable car accidents are caused when drivers lose their focus while fiddling with the radio – just imagine what the blue screen of death would cause.

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