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November 29, 2006

The calm before the storm

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It’s celebration time here at Shipping Pal, as we finally move into the next phase of business development. Daniel, our genius XML developer, has completed the integration of Purolator and UPS into our system, so we’re now returning quotes for over 90% of all postal codes in North America. We have finally created the coast-to-coast shipping network we’ve been visioning for three years now. With forty-plus carriers and a continent-wide reach, we’re ready to take it to the masses…

And towards that end, our billboard is going up over the weekend. Toronto readers can look out for it on the DVP, just north of the Queen St bridge. Our radio campaign starts Monday, and it’s hilarious – I’ll be posting an MP3 of it as soon as I get a copy. Many thanks to all the creative people involved in both projects, John Currid‘s photography, Ben Wong‘s graphic design, and Blair Bailey’s radio work. We’re confident that these strategies will really help to build our brand.

Our PR firm Thornley Fallis also issued our press release last week – I blogged it earlier – and it’s having the desired effect. Observant readers might have seen Shipping Pal featured on CFTO TV news the other night. Things are starting to get busy.

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