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November 1, 2006

The Sound of Music

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I’ve been digging around on the Net for a few music related tools lately, mainly to mix my considerable MP3 collection, and then to post those mixes somewhere I can share them with a few friends. In my travels, I’ve come across a couple of cool apps. I’m still waiting for Acoustica to make a Mac version of their fab MP3 mixer, but I’d guess they probably won’t bother since the already-bundled GarageBand does almost the same job. I still prefer the Acoustica one though, because it allows for track dividing, and also doesn’t max out at 2000 bars (about an hour and a bit), even if I have to fire up my Windows PC to use it. Anyway, there’s a nice big pile (415 when I last checked) of iTunes related Apple scripts available here for Mac users, that can help you do just about anything you need to organize your music.

The mix complete (tentative title “October Surprise”), I came across a rather cool little sharing app called esnips, which provides you with a GB of web storage space and all sorts of customizable settings. Again, they’re still working on their Mac-compatible interface, but in the meantime there’s a web-based uploader that handles files up to 10MB – easily enough for individual MP3 tracks. They also just completed a $2 million round of financing with Greylock (nice one!) and have a couple of blogs on their site. Prior to finding esnips, I’d checked out the promising (and working-for-others), but the automated responder never sent me my activation code, so I guess I won’t be posting any mixes there for now. Just as well, I wouldn’t know how to categorize the music I’m into anyway…

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Currently hearing: Sorry Sorry (Francois K’s Deep Afropop Mix) – Femi Kuti

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