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October 18, 2006

A Typical Wednesday

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Hardin is out in Calgary, meeting with some of our service providers out there in anticipation of our rollout there in the new year, maybe earlier if things go well. I’m here in Toronto, where it has finally stopped raining. My basement flooded yesterday, so dry weather is very welcome.

I just had a very useful management training session, which helped to remind me of the core values driving our business: honesty, belief, commitment, trust, loyalty. They might sound like abstract, interpersonal values, but they are at the heart of the Shipping Pal brand, and differentiate us from the competition as much as our interface or business model.

We view Shipping Pal as a brand that will inspire trust and loyalty, like Apple, Mercedes Benz, or eBay. Those are some big shoes to fill, and we believe that the fastest way to build that trust is by creating a genuinely useful tool that will help people to live their lives in a simpler, less stressful way. That’s why we have developed so many features for Shipping Pal, like the ability to view your entire shipment history with one click, or to email or print shipment details or waybills, or to export information to Excel with a single click. We say around here, that Shipping Pal is not about shipping – it’s for people who don’t want to have stress and expense around dealing with shipments, whether occasional or regular, so they can get on with their lives.

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  1. Hey guys, welcome to the blogosphere! Love the tone and conversational style. Keep it going. There’s a population out there that wants a look inside the heads of entrepreneurs. This blog does exactly that and will be of interest to many.

    (Disclosure: Our firm is working with Shipping Pal)

    Comment by Terry Fallis — October 19, 2006 @ 1:49 pm

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